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2016 RAM ProMaster Van Chicago

The Windy City Welcomes The 2016 Ram Promaster Van

Power, utility and comfort all unite in the windy city as the 2016 RAM ProMaster Van Chicago continues to turn heads.  The Truth About Cars calls the ProMaster, 'quite simply the biggest thing to happen in the commercial world in my lifetime.'  Amazing attention to detail has been taken when designing the vehicle from both an aesthetic and functional point of view.  It has a unique; almost high-tech look, and its cargo hauling capabilities deliver true efficiency.

Let's take a deep dive into some of the features and see why the 2016 ProMaster is getting such rave reviews.  We'll cover the exterior, power sources and, of course, hauling capabilities.



Intelligent Exterior Design Elements

The 2016 RAM ProMaster Van Chicago boasts a wide array of excellent features, but there are some design elements that not only separate it from its competitors, but also enhance its performance.  The first feature is the bumpers.  Both front and rear bumpers are strategically designed.  The front bumper is assembled in three pieces. It almost has an over-sized look, but it's for a reason.  As a commercial vehicle in Chicago, dings, dents and scratches are unavoidable.  If one section of the bumper needs to be replaced, the three piece design allows for only that piece needing replacement.  The other two bumper sections can remain in-tact.

The rear bumper is very functional in design.  It's unlike most other American made cargo vans which typically have a large rear bumper.  The 2016 RAM ProMaster Van Chicago is smaller and a bit shallower.  This change from the status quo makes loading the van with a forklift much more efficient.  It also makes loading and unloading most all cargo quicker and easier.

The last intelligent design piece to mention is the square rear cargo opening.  Quite a few design elements come into play here; the boxy shape, the 260 degree swinging rear doors and the low profile rear bumper.  Ultimately the result is a rear opening that is nearly as wide as the 2016 RAM ProMaster Van Chicago cross section.  This is a major difference from its Ford and GM competitors whose rear cargo openings are quite a bit smaller than their relative cargo areas.  The rear opening is actually 5-inches wider and 13-inches taller than both of those competitors.  There are heavy loads to haul in Chicago and the last thing you need to be worrying about is how to get your cargo in and out.  The RAM ProMaster Van's unusual look plays a key role in its extreme effectiveness.



A Beautiful Blend Of Power, Efficiency And Reliability Under The Hood

The 2016 RAM ProMaster Van Chicago is a utility commercial vehicle, and as such, it needs to perform.  Like the exterior features mentioned before, the engine is no different.  The ProMaster has two engine options, both offering excellent capability.  The first is the 3.6L Pentastar V6 engine.  It has been named to Ward's Ten Best Engines for three years in a row and utilizes highly advanced technology.  For durability and a smooth ride, the V6 uses a Silent Chain Timing Drive and the Variable Valve Timing contributes to the efficiency by dynamically adjusting timing.  Oil changes are only required at 10,000 mile intervals so maintenance costs are kept down.

The second engine option in the 2016 RAM ProMaster Van Chicago is the 3.0L Ecodiesel I4.  The Ecodiesel is highly durable and an excellent fit for navigating Chicago.  It expertly blends efficiency and power while over-delivering capability.  The I4 engine offers outstanding low-end torque and the connecting rods and forged steel crankshaft create a sturdy power source designed to last.  It is B5 biofuel capable and oil changes are required only every 18,500 miles to greatly reduce service and maintenance costs.  This engine produces an impressive 295 lb-ft of torque off of 174 horsepower.

Chicago-Ready Hauling & Performance

The 2016 Ram ProMaster cargo van seems destined to perform well in Chicago's strenuous driving conditions.  Navigating the small alleys and delivery docks of downtown are a snap with the ProMaster.  The front wheel drive system, as well as the 16-inch tires, provides excellent handling while driving the crowded, and often tight, city streets.  In addition to the excellent handling, the 2016 RAM ProMaster Van Chicago has a BEST IN CLASS turning diameter of only 36 feet.  Driving Chicago's streets are a breeze.

Continuing on with best-in-class features, the ProMaster van provides the best in what you need; payload.  The van offers 4,440lbs of payload hauling capability.  Carry more and reduce the number of trips you make.  The hauling capacity is excellent.  The vehicle's design allows you to fit more cargo inside and the rear doors and bumper make it efficient getting that cargo in and out. 

Driving commercial vehicles in Chicago isn't easy.  The streets are crowded, the loading docks and alleys are narrow and you have to be alert at all times.  The 2016 RAM ProMaster is a total solution for this kind of driving. The strategic design allows you to maximize cargo and hauling capabilities.  The engine options, front wheel drive system and best-in-class payload create a nimble, yet rugged solution for all of your cargo-carrying needs.  The 2016 RAM ProMaster Van Chicago is simply an all-around excellent solution. Don't forget to take a look at the all-new 2017 RAM ProMaster cargo van right here at our Elmhurst, IL RAM dealership!