AWD vs. 4×4

2018 Jeep Wrangler Rocky Hill

Shopping for a new vehicle can seem confusing when comparing features. In AWD and 4×4 vehicles all four wheels are operated at once. Sound the same? They aren’t. Let’s break down the difference in these often confused features.


AWD is found more on road bound vehicles like sedans and crossovers. This system:

  • Is completely automated
  • Transfers power as need between wheels to provide good grip on the road in a variety of conditions
  • Can’t match the power of a 4×4 in off-roading scenarios like rock crawling
  • Provides a sportier handling on a wider variety of vehicles

AWD is more suited for drives around Addison and Glendale Heights than out in the country.


4×4 systems are most often featured on vehicles like trucks and SUVs which are meant to go off the road. With a 4×4 system usually mean:

  • Engaged by the driver on a vehicle that can also operate in 2WD
  • Transfer power evenly between tires so they all spin at the same rate
  • Offers the power and traction needed in low-traction and tough off-road conditions
  • Doesn’t provide the best traction for daily driving, which is why most 4×4 systems allow you to switch to 2WD

When you’re leaving Downers Grove behind and heading off-road, look for a 4×4 vehicle.

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