Roesch CDJR – BBB Accredited Car Dealership

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) tracks more than 5.4 million businesses and assigns a letter grade to each. It has many ways of making sure that a company is complying with these standards such as following how they advertise, seeing how they handle disputes and much more. If a business wants its accreditation, it must submit an application with their business license and other information.

Not being a BBB Accredited business means that the company may not have known about the accreditation process or didn’t follow guidelines. For this reason, being a successful business that does not always entail that they will receive this honor. But being a BBB Accredited business is a mark of trustworthiness and honesty.

Roesch CDJR is a Better Business Bureau accredited car dealership in Elmhurst, IL

We Are Dedicated To Quality Customer Service

The honor is sought after by business across all industries. It is an indicator of quality and can increase customer loyalty and online visibility. Being BBB accredited means that the customer can trust this corporation with sales and customer support. Thus, for car buyers, they can trust the Roesch CDJR brand for honesty and integrity. They know that they won’t have to deal with mediocre customer support or not being able to understand their car payment plan. The corporation has faced scrutiny and exceeded expectations.

On October 20th 2019 Roesch CDJR received the honor of being a BBB Accredited business. Being a BBB Accredited corporation entails that a company agreed to follow certain ethical standards including:

  • Build trust
  • Advertise honestly
  • Tell the truth
  • Be transparent
  • Honor promises
  • Be responsive
  • Safeguard privacy
  • Embody integrity
Roesch CDJR is dedicated to quality customer service

Why Buy From Roesch CDJR In Elmhurst, IL?

Values are what have shaped Roesch CDJR since day one. And the team is what helps sustain these values into the future. Roesch CDJR represents a brand of fostering honesty, integrity, and respect while earning the trust of our community. Exceptional customer service, work hand in hand with the Roesch CDJR family, who’s active involvement continues to help make this company thrive.

Although they have grown to accommodate the changing demands of the modern automobile industry, they have never forgotten what has made them so successful in the past. Roesch CDJR appreciate the customer support and being the dealership of choice for so many people. And they appreciate the honor of being a BBB Accredited Business.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any of your vehicle requirements. Give Roesch CDJR a call when you need vehicle assistance. The dealership will be more than happy to assist you with any vehicle need.