Chassis Cab Vs Pickup Truck Differences

Chassis Cab Vs Pickup Truck Differences

The Chassis Cab and Pickup trucks are different vehicles for specific driving needs. A chassis cab is a vehicle that is generally equipped to be upfitted with equipment of your choice. Service utility bodies, bucket truck bodies, are installed by an upfitter after chassis cab is purchased. When you purchase this vehicle you may have a truck and nothing more than bare frame rails.

The pickup truck is much different. It is equipped with a pickup bed and requires no upfitting after purchase. The truck is generally used for a variety of purposes, including family outings and long-distance travel, while the Chassis is almost exclusively used for work.

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Frame Rails

Frame rails are one of the big differences between chassis cab and pickup trucks. The pickup trucks tend to have curved frame rails extending rearwards from the cabin, improving the ride quality and distributing the weight of the vehicle. Chassis cabs typically sport straight frame rails. This makes the Chassis Cabs more compatible with all manufacturers and not just brand specific.

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Optional equipment

Chassis Cab Vs Pickup Truck Optional equipment near Elmhurst, IL

With the Chassis, you have more options including dual alternators, PTO compatibility, dual, snow plow prep packages and more. You can sometimes buy additional equipment for the pickup truck, but it doesn’t have the variety and features of the Chassis.


When it comes to horsepower and torque, the pickup truck is almost always superior. The lack of such horsepower in a Chassis gives it more longevity and longer commercial usage.

Chassis Cab Vs Pickup Truck Engines


Chassis Cab Vs Pickup Truck Payload

If you require a high GVWR and higher payload, the Chassis is better for your needs. If you want a better tow rating, the pickup truck is superior. Again, the Chassis is built almost specifically for hauling goods and work-related tasks, while the pickup has more power and more options for towing.

Fuel Capacity

This is largely predicated on the vehicle you buy. Model variations, brands all differ in this category. If fuel economy is important to you than you will have to do some research on which vehicle you are aiming to purchase. However, overall, the Chassis vehicles do have bigger fuel tanks than the pickups. But again, that just comes down to brands and the margin is relatively small.

Chassis Cab Vs Pickup Truck Fuel Capacity

Why Come For A Test Drive or Service At Roesch CDJR?

Finding the right vehicle based on your predilections can be an arduous task. When it comes to trucks, it’s not a simple solution. Fortunately, at Larry Roesch CJDR near Elmhurst, IL, we make that situation as easy as possible.

We have a friendly team of workers who will happily explain the difference between a pickup truck and chassis vehicle and elaborate on which option is best for your situation. We also have easy financing plans to suit your budget and a service center to keep your vehicle running as long as possible.

Overall, if you are looking for a work-specific related truck to haul your goods, the Chassis is preferable. If you looking for a multi-purpose truck that can tow, then the pickup truck is ideal.