How Much Can You Fit in the RAM ProMaster?

RAM ProMaster

The RAM ProMaster Cargo Van is the gold standard among commercial vans. You can fit up to 462.8 cubic feet of materials in the cargo area, but it can be tough to visualize how much room that is. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to show how many of each common household object you’ll be able to fit in the RAM ProMaster:

  • 30 Air Conditioner Units
  • 18 Dishwashers
  • 231 Ironing Boards
  • 6 Baby Grand Pianos
  • 115 Golf Bags
  • 92 Little Red Wagons
  • 46 Gas Grilles

Discover RAM ProMaster Capability in Elmhurst, IL

That high level of utility is tough to beat. Before you start hauling product in Addison, IL, check out these capability specs:

  • Max. Cargo Width – 75.6 inches
  • Max. Cargo Height – 76 inches
  • Max. Cargo Length – 160.2 inches
  • Max. Payload – 4,440 pounds
  • Max. Towing Capacity – 5,100 pounds

Visit Roesch CJDR for More RAM ProMaster Information

To explore RAM ProMaster trim levels, get in touch with Roesch CDJR. We’re located just minutes from Villa Park, IL, and we offer the ProMaster in many different configurations and body styles. Browse our inventory today, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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