What is the Difference Between Manual and Automatic Transmissions?

Hand on manual gear shift knob

Choosing the right transmission for your vehicle is important for creating the best driving experience. Both manual and automatic transmissions transfer power form the engine to the wheels, but they go about it in different ways.

Manual Transmission

Better known as a stick shift, manual transmissions require more work on the part of the driver. To operate a stick shift, a driver must use a shift lever on the center console to shift gears on their own. Another component is the third pedal, located next to the break, which is used to release the clutch disk every time gears are changed. Despite the extra effort to operate, manual transmissions provide their own advantages:

  • They cost less
  • Provide better gas mileage
  • Give the driver the feel of being in a race car

Automatic Transmission

By comparison, automatic transmissions prove much easier to use. The gears change on their own–either electronically or hydraulically–depending on the cars speed, engine rpms, and throttle position, with no driver input required. Other benefits of an automatic transmission include:

  • They require less maintenance
  • No risk of the engine stalling
  • Easier to operate when sick or injured
  • If you need someone to drive for you, more people know how to drive an automatic

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